Monday, April 13, 2009

Isberg Lakes, Ansel Adams Wilderness

The further in you hike, the more rewarding the trip. At least that has been my experience when choosing a backpacking destination! Last summer, I was in the mood to get away from some of the more frequently traveled lakes in my “neck of the woods” so I chose Sadler Lake. I estimate that it’s about a 8-10 mile hike and I didn’t expect to see many people up there. Unfortunately, Sadler Lake is flat and grassy - it should be called “Mosquito Hatchery”. I kept hiking about another 45 minutes up to Isberg Lake which was well-worth the extra hiking.

Isberg lake (lower) is a great backpacking destination and rates very high on my personal favorites. It is a great staging area for bagging Isberg Peak as well as Sadler Peak, Post Peak, etc. It sits up on a rocky outcropping so it gets a breeze at night to keep the bugs away. There is also a killer view of the sierras from one end.

My only beef with this destination is that it is a LONG hike. Most people you see back there have horses. I estimate that it is 9-12 miles to the lower Isberg Lake.


Isberg Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra National Forest, California

2 hours from Oakhurst. Take Beasore Road from Bass Lake all the way to the Granite Creek Trailhead. A truck is recommended due to dirt roads and occasional bad road conditions.

Well marked trail, 9-12 miles, fairly steep in sections. Not for the beginner! Count on hiking for most of the day. If you poop out early, you can always stay at Cora Lake, which is about 1/2 way there.

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