Friday, April 10, 2009

REI Quarter Dome T2 Tent Review

I just bought an REI Quarter Dome T2 Tent and tried it out last weekend. I was very impressed. Here’s the features I like about it.
  • It is light weight (4 lbs 2 oz without the footprint.)
  • It is free standing so its not necessary to bring the stakes.
  • If you buy the footprint (13 oz), you can leave the tent body at home. Just use the footprint, poles, and rain fly for a 3 lb minimalist shelter!
  • It has TONS of headroom. Very comfortable. It is ambidextrous too, so you can sleep with your head at either end.
  • It has mesh pockets in the ceiling that are perfect for placing your headlamp in so you can see in your tent at night.
  • It has collapsible vents in the rain fly for great ventilation.
  • The polls and their correlating mounting straps are color coded for super easy set up.
  • The tent attaches to the poles with clips rather than feeding the poles through loops in the tent. Again, super-easy to set up.
The REI Quarter Dome T2 is a 3 season, two person backpacking tent. Visit REI’s site for more reviews and specs on this product.


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