Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock Lake, Dinky Lakes Wilderness

Check out the photos! Yes, we got caught in a snow storm. All my buddy and I had to sleep under was a tarp. The snow would cause the tarp to sag until it rested on my nose. The pressure would wake me and I would have to knock the snow off the tarp before I could go back to sleep. That same weekend, several other backpacking groups in our area got trapped by the snow and had to be rescued. Two climbers even died in Yosemite in that storm! Luckily, we were fairly prepared for weather.

Rock Lake is a great destination for beginners and those of you looking for a relaxing weekend without a lot of stressful hiking. The trail is fairly flat with relatively little elevation gain. The trail passes several other lakes including First Dinky Lake and is a good staging area for day hikes to Island Lake, Dogtooth Peak, and the Three Sisters. Dogtooth is known for it’s rock climbing and is a very prominent landmark that can be seen for miles around.

Rock Lake is in the Dinky Lakes Wilderness, Sierra National Forest. Lots of camping sites with large, flat areas around the lake.

About 45 minutes from Shaver Lake, CA. About the last 20 minutes of the drive is on a dirt road that can be difficult for a car. A truck or SUV is definitely recommended, especially if there has been recent rain or snow.

Gradual incline, well marked trail. About 2-3 hours hike to the lake and some nice places to stop and rest along the way. Because the trail follows a canyon of sorts, it is almost impossible to get lost. Apx distance is 4 miles.

Good luck on your hike! Tell us about your trip including best times, personal experiences, etc, by filling out the comments field, below. Have you ever been trapped in the snow? Tell us about it!

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  1. Looking forward to my first backpacking trip to the Dinkey Lakes area. Gathering items for the trip now. thanks for the photos and info.